Hi, I'm Gregg, and I'm addicted to ICE... :-)

58 miles, 1/4 a gallon, over ~3 hours...WOOT!<br />

The route roughly consisted of...

  • Started at ~20th & W Burnside (wow, this thing turns heads!)
  • Proceeded down Burnside until ~SE 138th, turned right, then left onto Stark...stopped to visit family.
  • Resumed from Stark, turned Left @~143rd, then right back onto on Burnside.
  • Left at 148th, then left at Halsey...traveled a few blocks, then stopped to visit more family.
  • Resumed eastbound down Halsey...continued through downtown Troutdale (silently) :-)
  • Crossed the Sandy river, silent rides through Springdale and Corbett...powered up every single hill :-)
  • Got about 5 miles up Larch Mt road...and then the engine stuttered..stuttered again...and then died.
  • Lept off bike, checked belt, and then the gas tank...uttered a dramatic "Oh my...what shall I do now?"
  • Grabbed an 11oz MSR bottle, giggled as I refilled.
  • At this point, I decided that while I wanted to visit my cousins about 9 miles up...the belt had just begun slipping too much...turned around, and coasted nearly the entire way back towards the Stark St. Bridge.
  • After a quick stop visiting neighbors at an old house in the development behind MHCC, I hauled up the hill near MHCC at...fast-enough for an ear-to-ear grin! :-)
  • The ride home was westbound via Stark until 69th, and then Burnside the rest of the way home.

    While this was not quite the maiden ride, its the furthest I've ridden with the ICE mounted...I'm stoked! I am absolutely ecstatic that this thing is doing /exactly/ what I wanted. The top speed is still within the design characteristics of the bike's components...and I went up hills at a pace that was very enlightening:
    I learned something new while riding up those narrow winding roads towards Larch Mt; climbing the hills with the power-assist, I found myself easily sharing the road with approaching cars. Not once did someone whip around a corner, and nearly cream me...at-best, even the fastest car was only pulling ~10-15MPH faster than I was...they all had plenty of time to slow down, and safely pass (and all but one large pickup did exactly that). Further, while returning home, I powered up Burnside from ~W 6th upwards...it sure felt a lot safer pacing with traffic, instead of hugging the curb and crawling up.

    Yea...I'm certainly /not/ giving up on the electric...but this ICE setup has ample promise.

    Further...I've neglected by bike's build page. I hope to push a few updates out this evening...including updated pictures :-)

    Here's a teaser:

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