The Power of Open Source & Open Minds

I LOVE TaskPaper, and look forward to the day when the iPhone version is ready. Though I've been struggling with utilizing a new and very valuable feature; online sync.

Why? Quite-simply, some of my clients have very legitimate privacy concerns regarding project details. So, while there is a hosted/online sync option, I'd love the ability to self-host a sync engine, and also run it via https, and minimize accessibly via htaccess/htpasswd style barriers.

So, I figured I'd throw a message onto the TaskPaper mailing list, seeking-out possible options, such as self-hosting. The response, coming from the original author barely an hour after my initial posting, was a bit unexpected:

From: Jesse Grosjean
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 17:09:46 -0400
Subject: Re: [TaskPaper] Re: Self-hosted web sync? Maybe with https syncs & htaccess style authentication?
I've just made the github repository public. So you can look around and play with the code for now. I'm still not sure what license I'll
put on the project. My intention is to let users do whatever they want for personal use. Let anyone reuse the code. But I don't (without
permision) want anyone to be able to take the UI design (CSS, and Logo's) and create a public clone site.


That's the real power of open minds and open doesn't get much better than this.