Basic human rights

I'm happy to see the wrongs being corrected in California now.<br />

I wish it could be this simple:
You may organize and do as you and your group pleases. For as long as your group's charter, expressions & actions always respect and protect:
1) Equal access to liberty, security, dignity, privacy & individual sovereignty.
2) Equal opportunity of association, education & occupation.
3) Freedom of thought, conscience, art & expression.
4) Exclusivity to lawfully acquired & created possessions.
5) No discrimination for age, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexuality.
6) Fair compensation for products & possessions.

The guiding principals would be:
1) No hateful actions or expressions.
2) Embrace and encourage diversity.
3) Enabling success for those less fortunate.

The core corrective principal would be restitution, before repression.

A guy can dream...