iPhone update due

An update to my previous rant about Apple's attempts at forced obsolescence

Rumor is, Apple is going to release a software update to Fix iPhone 3G performance issues...soon...

I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, some of us have Real Work to do on these things and simply cannot wait for Steve Jobs/Apple to throw us long-time loyal customers a tiny little bone.

Steps to fix slowness on iPhone3G w/ iOS4.0.2... 1) Disable spotlight
2) Jailbreak
3) Install zToggle & enable multi-tasking

After doing this, performance feels truly restored to pre-iOS4 levels.

I've been an iPhone user since purchasing the 1st-generation phone the day after its release, upgraded to iPhone3G the day it was released...never jailbroke until today. Only jailbroke because of Apple's attempts at forced-obsolescence & my desperation trying to restore some semblance of reasonable performance on a barely 2 year-old device that worked fine moments prior to its iOS4 upgrade.