What a fraud Vectrix

How disturbing...

Earlier yesterday I posted to a CAD/CAM machinist forum, seeking help with their software. Hours later I find that my posting has been doctored to not only remove information valuable to anyone visiting, but they fraudulently re-characterized my original message into a semblance of praise for their software.

What's even more disturbing is their recent Award, and how they cited forum comments as "...Vectric wish to Thank all of our customers for posting such glowing feedback and positive information on the Forum, because the Queen's Awards committee considered this to be very important when making their decision..."

How disgusting...here's the facts.

My original posting's text is no longer fully-available, here's my best-effort at re-creating this.

I posted to this forum (WARNING: contains Vectric's edits, not my words). Here's a backup copy (PDF) just in case they decide to further doctor my postings.

My words in the 1st posting were:

"...MeshCAM now does continuous ramping, although I find Cut2D easier to use and I'd rather not consider switching my tooling over..." as proven via a Google cache posting: (

If you look at the changed text, you can see they changed it to instead say "...I find Cut2D easy to use and I'd rather not consider switching my tooling over..."

My original words in the 3rd posting:
Here's the original (scroll to the bottom) 3rd posting. They changed it (again, scroll to bottom).

My contention is, aside from the editing of my posting...was them construing that I find their software "easy" to use...I never said that, I said it was "...easier than..." not simply "...easy..." What else have they edited? Are they truly deserving of that Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade they recently acquired? Please consider voicing your concerns by emailing the awarding organization: press@businesslink.gsi.gov.uk

If you're in the UK, I encourage you to reach out to a local office through this link: http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/directory?r.s=e&r.lc=en