The Power of Open Source & Open Minds

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I LOVE TaskPaper, and look forward to the day when the iPhone version is ready. Though I've been struggling with utilizing a new and very valuable feature; online sync. Why? Quite-simply, some of my clients have very legitimate privacy concerns regarding project details. So, while there is a hosted/online sync option, I'd love the ability to self-host a sync engine, and also run it via https, and Read more

Those special words

- Posted in Uncategorized by - Comments a friend was giving me well-deserved grief last night about usage of some words &amp; phrases, so to help out those of you whom simply dont live in the techie/geek world:<br /> -phishing: In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information. -haz: slang for has, have, haz ...honestly, I just like Read more

The smug little phrase

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The smug little phrase, "Business is business," is often used to raise a false issue and fabricate an escape from duty. Milton Friedman is known for the phrase, “the business of business is business”. Though, in the 1700's, George Colman the Younger published a play titled "Heir at Law", which coined "...Business is business. Nothing is more important than business and the profit it brings. Read more

Yet another new blog app

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Yep, I've finally put my blog back up; got tired of pivot's shortcomings, so after a bit of research...wheeee!!!! My new task is collecting all public/blog postings from years-past and sticking them here. Read more

MetroFi's website is now dead

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See, it's now a parked site with's ads plastered all over it.<br /> So much for city-wide wireless internet services...maybe next time the city will select the local group/business to do this - instead of yet another corporate nobody that'll just disappear in a few years... Read more

My value to society is -2.5%

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How sad... My numbers give a final value of a 102.5% loss, making my "value" to society -2.5% Right: 93dB PTA - 25dB = 68dB x 1.5 = 102% disability Left: 95dB PTA - 25dB = 70dB x 1.5 = 105% disability ((102 x 5) + 105) / 6 = 102.5% hearing handicap Guess I just don't fit their molds! Read more

Welcome to my new blog!

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Yep, I'm finally taking blogging seriously. At least as a way to better document ideas and thoughts as the days go by... This site will remain my blogging site for the forseeable future, the old setup will be shutdown in a few weeks. Read more

Bye bye Blogger

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Its been fun, but I'm a SysAdmin, which means I run my own systems/services whenever I start taking that system or service seriously... My new blog. Read more

iPhone, hearing aids, and HSA accounts

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Alright, I feel left out; I need an iPhone blog entry. <img src="" alt=":-)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" /><br /><br />First, I'm selling my 8GB iPod Nano; it's about 4 months old, and still looks and works great, but it's now redundant. I'll part with it for $175 Read more
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